Hi, I’m Daniel.

I’m the Founder of Mylo,
The Simplest Way for
Men to Dress Well

Prior to Mylo, Daniel was the Founder & CEO of EveryGuyed, a blog network for men's life/style (acq. 2011) and Piccsy, a social network for image discovery (acq. 2014).

Daniel Eckler is a Toronto-based serial entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he majored in New Media Arts and English. From 2006 to 2010, Daniel founded and developed a series of men’s fashion and lifestyle websites that became the EveryGuyed network. The network grew to draw over 5,000,000 readers annually before it was sold by Eckler in December of 2010.

Daniel then founded Piccsy, a social network for image discovery, that attracted over 35,000,000 visitors in its first year. In 2014, Daniel sold Piccsy to focus on Mylo, his current company, A Dutch-based collective with a straightforward goal: to help as many people as possible live simple and live well, with a collection of high-quality, accessible basics.

Daniel is a contributor at Huffington Post, and the author of Torso: T-Shirt Graphics Exposed, published by Gestalten. Daniel and his work have been featured in GQ, TechCrunch, Engadget, Inc, Fast Company, AdWeek, Vanity Fair, and the Wall Street Journal.

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